Pupiltrain Ltd, was formed by George Douglas, and introduced to the education sector in early 2006.

George, who is the director of Pupiltrain, held a series of management posts over a period of 30 years, within Scottish Education, and has always been closely involved in the provision of external expertise to the education sector, through his position as School Enterprise Co-ordinator and his many years as Chairman of the East Kilbride Education-Business Partnership.

His research and discussion with teachers and pupils reinforced his own beliefs that:

The content of any training programme was more relevant to school pupils when written by people who have experience in producing material for the school age community.

That presentations were more effective, and structured, when delivered by people who have experience in managing and leading school students.

All pupils had to leave a presentation with a personal booklet, which was a record of their input, and achievements for that day, but also allowed the possibility of further development by school staff, if they so wished.

On these principles Pupiltrain programmes were developed.

Our programmes address directly the demands upon schools to engage with the priorities in Education.

The presentation of our programmes although very pupil active, are highly structured, and tightly managed.

All pupils record, retain, and possibly develop their work and achievements by means of an Individualised Work Booklet.

Every pupil is asked to evaluate their course, and all schools are given a full summary of this evaluation.

Pupiltrain is happy to provide information to all staff, or parents, of the aims and content of any programme, in which their pupils have participated.