Effective Contributors

This course is most suitable to those pupils in year 8-11, (S1-S4)

Course Duration

The Essentials of this course can be covered in a School Half Day. (i.e. 3 sessions). However to allow full pupil involvement in all aspects of the programme, in particular with the younger age groups, delivery over a full day is recommended.

Course Numbers

The Maximum Number for each presentation is 100 Pupils. (200 if two half day presentations). However for the younger age groups, a maximum of about 70 is recommended.

Purpose of the Course

This all embracing, lively, inspiring course, covers the aims and objectives on the initiative Curriculum for Excellence – capacity – effective contributors.

Course Content

 I would like a job
Pupils consider the skills needed for work, and realise these are the skills learnt at school

Pupils investigate what is Enterprise. ?
They consider the skills, abilities and attitudes of an enterprising person.

What is an Entrepreneur?
Let’s find out if you are an entrepreneur.
The 9 attributes of an entrepreneur.

Additional Comments
Pupils will be supplied with all learning materials, which includes write on booklet for their retention, various handouts, and all paper, pens, pencils, markers etc

Cost The Total cost for up to 100 pupils is £395 .
For each additional pupil the cost is £1.