Responsible Citizens

This course is most suitable to those pupils in
Yr 10-13 S3 to

Course Duration

The Essentials of this course can be covered in a School Half Day. (i.e. 3 sessions). However to allow full pupil involvement in all aspects of the programme, in particular with the younger age groups, delivery over a full day is recommended.

Course Numbers

The Maximum Number for each presentation is 100 Pupils. (200 if two half day presentations). However for the younger age groups, a maximum of about 70 is recommended.

Purpose of the Course

This is a thought provoking, pupil active, programme, based on the National Framework paper “Education for Citizenship in Scotland”, which was fully endorsed by the Scottish Executive, as their aims and objectives for Citizenship education in Scottish Schools.

Course Content

What is a Citizen?
Pupils reflect on the society in which they live. What do they expect from their Community. What does the community expect from them. Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural life are considered.

Knowledge and Understanding
Citizens must know certain facts and details about issues in Society before they can form opinions or make judgements.

Skills and Abilities
Here we look at basic personal traits of self –esteem, emotional maturity, and the interdependence of each Citizen in Society.

Pupils consider what values they already have. What they think makes a good Pupil, and the rights and responsibilities of Citizens .

Creative and Enterprising Citizens
Pupils focus on major issues of concern in Society, and use there skill as a Citizen to find solutions. Also Leadership, Enterprise , and Entrepreneurship are investigated.

Additional Comments
Pupils will be supplied with all learning materials, which includes write on booklet for their retention, various handouts, and all paper, pens, pencils, markers etc

Cost The Total cost for up to 100 pupils is £395 .
For each additional pupil the cost is £1.