Successful Learners

This course is most suitable to those pupils in
Year 10 -13 (England), S3-S6 (Scotland)

Course Duration
This course fits into a School Half Day (i.e. 3 Sessions in a 6 session day), and is frequently delivered twice per day. However it can easily be extended cover a full School day, and a substantial number of Schools prefer this method of presentation, as they find it more suitable for overall school organisation.

Course Numbers. The Maximum number for each presentation is 100 pupils. Hence if the twice per day arrangement above is used, then 200 pupils can take part in the presentation each day.

Purpose of the Course. This course has been designed to give pupils the information and advice they need to bring themselves to a maximum state of readiness to take part in any School or External Examination. This is a very popular course, which has considerable pupil involvement and provides them with tips and techniques to enable them to do their very best in any Exam.

Course Content

Personal Motivation
Pupils examine their attitudes, fears and hopes for Exams.

Pupils focus on making some fundamental rules.

Methods of Study
Practise is given in 3 Study Skills

The Exam
Specific Advice is given on General Exam Preparation.

Additional Comments Pupils will be supplied with all learning materials, which includes write on booklet for their retention, various handouts, all material required for group work, and all paper, pens, pencils, markers etc .  

Cost The total cost for up to 100 pupils is £395.
For each additional pupil the cost is £1 per pupil.