"Staff CPD"

Managing the Curriculum for Excellence Classroom:

The Curriculum for Excellence initiative, allows teachers greater control over how things are taught, and what things are taught in the classroom. Hence changes are required by staff as to how the classroom is managed and controlled.

Course Duration. A 2-3 hour course which can easily be tailored to suit, a morning or afternoon of a normal school day. It can also be delivered in 2 twilight sessions.

Course Numbers. The Maximum number for each presentation is 200. Hence it can be offered to an entire staff, or staff from several schools, such as associated primaries, or neighbouring secondary. Also ideal for auxillary staff, and groups of parents.

Purpose of the Course. This course has been designed to give teaching staff additional information and advice , to manage lessons within a classroom, and control pupil behaviour.

Course Content

Whatís is teaching all about?

Is it about teaching your subject.?

Is it about teaching them to behave?

Lets find out.

What do pupils think about life in the classroom?

You know what makes a good lesson ! Do you know what pupils think makes a good lesson?

The psychology of classroom control
What makes pupils obey you?

Controlling the classroom

What practical things do you actually do,to stay the boss?

When, where, why and how do you exert your authority.?

Teacher Attitudes

Do you see bad behaviour as a personal attack? A sign of society in decline? A consequence of poor parenting? Ė or a young person trying to relieve the boredom of the day.?

Job Stress
Pupils, meetings, colleagues, outsiders, inspectors, initiatives, paperwork etc--- donít forget itís only a job!

Additional Comments
Staff will be supplied with all learning materials, which includes write on booklet for their retention, various handouts, all material required for group work, and all paper, pens, pencils, markers etc.

Cost - The total cost for up to 200 staff is £345.